Josh Anio Grigg

sound designer / multimedia / installation for performance and live art

Josh Anio Grigg is a sound designer and multimedia artist living in London, UK. He often works on the creation of theatre, dance and art installations.

Josh uses digital sound processing, turning recordings or live audio into sound environments. He also makes music based on his personal history of dance music and electronic arts experiments.

Josh is interested in lots of technologies, linking together digital, audio, video and performance. His enthusiasm across disciplines helps him to think creatively about how production techniques might overlap and interlock in useful and exciting ways. He regularly works supporting projects through researching and developing new ideas and how to achieve them.

Josh completed a BA in Theatre and Performance at Roehampton University in 2008.

Music can be found at


Josh Anio Grigg


Storm Process
live recording extract from HEAVY HANDED, WE CRUSH THE MOMENT | 2019

Clanking Inside
extract from SMOKING AREAS | 2019


Self Portrait from MOVING PORTRAITS


Sound Design & Composition

Digital, Video, Art & Everything Else

  • FALSE WIFE | Online | Jamie Crewe | 2022
    * Website design and building
  • STIMMING | Online | Susanna Dye and Manon Ouimet | 2021
    * Website design and building
  • I AM COCOONED IN MY OWN ELECTRICITY EVERY DAY... | Online | Jamila Johnson-Small | 2020
    * Game design, programming, website design, sound design elements
  • MOVING PORTRAITS | Spare Tyre | Josh Anio Grigg & Jessica Wear | 2018
    * Workshop facilitation, video design, video editing & website building
  • ALADDIN | Cheltenham Everyman | Peter Duncan | 2018
    * Green screen video design
  • WHEEL OF THE YEAR | Bonington Gallery / Nottingham | Ruth Angel Edwards | 2018
    * Video design with multiscreen projection & sound synchronisation
  • 2K TEEN CLEAN AUTHODOXIES | Almanac Gallery | Ruth Angel Edwards | 2018
    * Technical design and installation
  • GUEST SPEAKER | Roehampton University | | 2016
  • DJ HERO - LEAD REMIXER | Freestyle Games | | 2008 - 2011


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For everything else you could email me at