Josh Anio Grigg

sound designer / multimedia / installation for performance and live art

Josh Anio Grigg is a sound designer and multimedia artist living in London, UK. He often works on the creation of theatre, dance and art installations.

Josh uses digital sound processing, turning recordings or live audio into sound environments. He also makes music based on his personal history of dance music and electronic arts experiments.

Josh is interested in lots of technologies, linking together digital, light, audio, video and performance ideas. His enthusiasm across disciplines helps him to think creatively about how production techniques might overlap and interlock in useful and exciting ways. He regularly works supporting artists and projects, researching and developing new ideas and how to achieve them with accessible and robust techniques.

Josh completed a BA in Theatre and Performance at Roehampton University in 2008.

Sound design portfolio clips are on my Instagram: @joshaniogrigg and more original club music and DJ mixes can be found at

Previous projects include Goth Tech and Pirate Soundsystem


Josh Anio Grigg


For art, dance, DJ, installation and new works please email me at

For theatrical sound design, please contact Giles Smart at United Agents


Cycles and Fragments

Open The Curtain

Today's Texture

Extract from III at Peana, Mexico City


Theatre, Live and Installation Work

Digital Work